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Coffee on a Grand Scale, Pack 103 is Ready!

posted Jul 18, 2015, 5:37 AM by Matthew Caillouet   [ updated Jul 18, 2015, 6:15 AM ]
48 Cup Drip-o-lator Ready for Active Duty 

Posted by: Matthew P. Caillouet, 7-18-2015

Pack 103 is ready for our fall family campout with our new, yet slightly older (50 plus years) 48 cup Drip-o-lator coffee maker.  Picked up on Ebay, rehabbed and modified for our outdoor needs, this drip coffee maker is the pinnacle of outdoor car camping cookery.  The drip method is second to only the french press method for procuring a cup of joe in the outdoors.  But, when you need to produce coffee on a large scale for upwards of 50 people on our campouts, this will be the only way to brew.

Our specific unit was at home at a Lutheran Church in Indiana, until it was picked up at an estate sale and listed online for auction.  All that was needed was a new sight glass tube, bottom and top gaskets and screw top for the tube.

Special thanks to Mr. Robert J. Velkey with Velkey & Associates, Food Service Consultants of Jackson, MS.  Mr. Velkey was listed as a manufacturer's representative for Tomlinson Spigots, manufacturers of the sight glass tube and spigot assembly.  I placed a cold call in to Mr. Velkey, explained our situation, and was surprised to find an Eagle Scout on the other end of the phone call.  Mr. Velkey was excited to help out, considering he, his son and grandson are all scouts as well!


The plug-in heating element has been removed, but the raised base retained for sitting directly over a open stove flame.  

All that is required is a 1lb brick of coffee and 48 cups of boiling water.  A little bit of home in the woods.

Yesterday, I arrived at my desk after vacation and there at my desk was a box from Tomlinson Spigots.  Mr. Velkey had ordered 4 sets of gaskets, sight glass tube and top screw parts for our unit.  They all fit and work great!  We are ready to try this unit out in the woods.


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